Motorized Microscopes

We are Authorized Dealer, Supplier of Motorized Microscopes and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

  • Binocular Head - Siedentopf head designed with interpupillary and dioptric adjustment from 55mm to 75mm.
  • Objectives - Plan Achromatic Infinite DIN size flat field metallurgical corrected and anti-mouldfungus objectives. M4 x (N.A.0.12), M10 x (N.A.0.25), M20x(N.A.0.40), M50x (N.A. 0.65) & M100x Dry (NA 1.25)
  • Eyepieces - Wide field DIN eyepieces WF 10x & 15x (paired)
  • Motorized Mechanical Stage - having travel range of 120 x 80mm, repeatability <1um & Accuracy +/- 3 um
  • Orthogonality - <40 s, typ. <15 - 20s
  • Resolution - 0,05um (smallest step size)
  • Maximum Travel Speed - 60mm/s with 1 mm lead screw pitch and 120mm/s with 2mm lead screw pitch. 2 Phase Stepper Motor
  • Illumination - Koehler's illuminator 12V-100W halogen through complete with field and aperture diaphragms, four filter turret and bulb-centering mechanism are provided.
  • Motorized Focus Drive having typical resolution 0,002 mm. Depends on the speed reduction gear ratio of the microscope's fine focus as well as the type of controller used. Maximum revolutions 60 rev./s
  • High Resolution Stepper motor control tango desktop enables to control up to 4 axes. As an option the position can be controlled by external optical and magnetic measuring systems. Positioning with sub-um range - Position resolution of 819,200u steps / revolution. Maximum torque even at high speed - 48 V motor voltage and phase currents of up to 2.5 A Sensitive manual operation via joystick, hand wheel, trackball and ergo drive. Operational controls are automatically identified and can be connected during operation.