Digital Torsion Testing Machines

We are Authorized Dealer, Supplier of Digital Torsion Testing Machines and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Digital Torsion Testing Machines

Model : MTT-E-300-NM

  • Maximum torque capacity is 3000 Nm
  • Torque Resolution is 0.15 Nm
  • Angle of twist is 0.1 degree.
  • Torsion speed is 0.5 RPM reverse.
  • Distance between grips is 0 – 1100 mm.
  • Grips for round and square bars are supplied.

Digital Torsion Testing Machines

Model : MTT-E-1000-NM (SPL)

  • Maximum capacity is 1000 Nm.
  • Torque Resolution 0.05 Nm
  • Resolution of twist Angle 0.1 Degree
  • Special specimen holders for squared ends
  • Special specimen holders for flattened ends of Round bars.
  • Unique specimen holding arrangement eliminates clumsy tightening of job.
  • Very compact machine with new construction.

Digital Torsion Testing Machines

Model : MTT-E

  • Suitable for Torsion and Twist tests on various metal rods & flats.
  • Torque measurement by Torque cell & Angle of twist measurement by Rotary encoder.
  • Geared motor is to apply the torque to specimen through gear box.
  • Display of Torque & Angle of twist on LCD display provided on Data Acquisition System.
  • Torque resolution - 0.01 % of machine capacity for entire range.
  • Angle of twist resolution is 0.1 Degree.
  • Accuracy of Torque measurement + 1% in the range from 4% to 100% of machine capacity.
  • Torque speed & direction - 1.5 rpm Reverse.
  • Provision to conduct test slowly by a handle which facilitates finding Modulus of rigidity G.
  • Facility for connecting the DAS Panel to Computer.
  • Optional - Special comprehensive software for torsion test to give Torque Vs Angle of Twist graph & also calculate various parameters like Torsional shear strength, Modulus of Rigidity, etc.
  • Various Models - Maximum Torque Capacity from 100 Nm to 3000 Nm are available.