Crushing Strength Testing Machine

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Crushing Strength Testing Machine for PRC Pipes

Model : FCT-EC-600-kN (SPL)


  • For ascertaining the capacity of PRC pipe to resist an external load perpendicular to its axis along its length using test pieces sawn from a pipe as per Annexure "A" & "B" of ISO-18672- 1:2009 (E) Annexure "A" : To determine the ring bending tensile strength of PRC pipe. Test piece is subjected to a vertical load across its diameter.
  • Annexure "B" : Ring bending tensile strength or crushing strength of PRC pipe using test pieces cut from a pipe. These properties are used to assess the capacity of pipe to resist an external load along its length.
  • Maximum capacity is 600 kN
  • Load measurement by load cell and Deflection measurement by rotary Encoder.
  • Distance between columns is 950 mm
  • Maximum piston speed is 80 mm/min.
  • Load application is by double acting hydraulic cylinder.
  • Comprehensive software to cover all the requirements.