Crushing Strength Testing Machines

We are Authorized Dealer, Supplier of Crushing Strength Testing Machines (FSA) and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Crushing Strength Testing Machine for PRC Pipes

Model : FCT-EC-600-kN (SPL)

  • For ascertaining the capacity of PRC pipe to resist an external load perpendicular to its axis along its length using test pieces sawn from a pipe as per Annexure "A" & "B" of ISO-18672- 1:2009 (E) Annexure "A" : To determine the ring bending tensile strength of PRC pipe. Test piece is subjected to a vertical load across its diameter.
  • Annexure "B" : Ring bending tensile strength or crushing strength of PRC pipe using test pieces cut from a pipe. These properties are used to assess the capacity of pipe to resist an external load along its length.
  • Maximum capacity is 600 kN
  • Load measurement by load cell and Deflection measurement by rotary Encoder.
  • Distance between columns is 950 mm
  • Maximum piston speed is 80 mm/min.
  • Load application is by double acting hydraulic cylinder.
  • Comprehensive software to cover all the requirements.