Computer Controlled, Ball-Screw Universal Testing Machines

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We are Autorized Dealer, Supplier of FSA and our setup is situated in CITY, STATE, India.

Servo Computerized UTM with front open crosshead and hydraulic grips

Model : TUF-C-600-kN (SERVO)

  • Variety of tests like Tension, Compression, Tranverse, Peel off, Bend, Shear, etc are conducted.
  • Suitable for testing a wide range of materials like rubber, plastic, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, etc of various forms like round, fiat, thread, wire, dumb-bell, fabric, belt, strip, rope, etc.
  • AC Servo motor for cross head control with infinitely variable speed drive.
  • Computerized cross head control.
  • Load measurement by load cell.
  • Over Load & Over travel safety.
  • Latest Windows based, Users friendly, Accurate, Menu driven software.
  • On line display of Load, Elongation & Graph.
  • Tare load & reset elongation facilities available.
  • Built-in facility for printing of test results and the graph.
  • Selectable units like N, kN, kgf, Ibf, inch, mm, etc.
  • Fully automatic on screen calculations like UTS, YS, Proof stress, etc.
  • Large storage space for storing test data of upto 50,000 tests.
  • Electronic Extensometer (Optional) is available for proof stress evaluation.
  • Standard load resolution is with 20,000 counts. Finer resolution (Optional) with 50,000 to 5,00,000 counts can also be offered at extra cost.
  • Wide range of grips & accessories to suit different materials & tests.
  • Various Models - Capacities from 1 kN to 100 kN are available.
  • Loading accuracy well within +1%, conform to IS:18281 BS:1610.