Bend & Re-bend Testing Machines

We are Authorized Dealer, Supplier of Bend & Re-bend Testing Machines (FSA) and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Bend and Re-Bend Testing Machines

Model : FBR-100 kN & FBR-150 kN)

  • To conduct testing of carbon steel bars upto 42 mm diameter for reinforcement of concrete.
  • C- frame design & hydraulically operated.
  • Maximum load capacities available are 100 kN & 150 kN.
  • Dia. of support rollers is 100mm & distance between support rollers is 400mm.
  • A common attachment for testing bend re-bend & 1800 is supplied with the machine.
  • Different sizes of formers (tools) are available from diameter 6 to 400mm.
  • Suitable re-bending tools supplied which will be incorporated in the machine.
  • Hinged grilled safety doors at front is provided for safety.
  • Accuracy conforming to BS:4449, IS:1786 &ASTM:A615.