Automatic Optical Brinell Hardness Testing Machines

We are Authorized Dealer, Supplier of Automatic Optical Brinell Hardness Testing Machines (FSA) and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Brinell Hardness Testing Machines

  • The machine has a robust, C-type load frame, designed for production testing of cast or forged components like leaf springs,cam shafts, etc. for Brinell Hardness value. This machine is suitable for foundries, engineering industry on production line.
  • Since most of the operations are fast and automatic, the test speed is high with less operator fatigue.
  • The cycle time (except job loading / unloading) is about 12 seconds pertest.
  • Load stages-750kgf & 3000kgf (Optionalloads-500kgf & / or 1000k 9D.
  • Optical measuring equipment with 14 X magnification.
  • Machine Test height x Throat is 365 x 200mm.
  • Size of supporting table with fixing slots - 260 x 400mm.
  • Load capacity of table (which can withstand) - 200kg.
  • Job loading / unloading, on/off the machine table, pushing cycle start & de-clamp buttons, impression measurement are the only manual operations & rest all are automatic.
  • A push button is pressed for cycle start & hydraulic operations. After cycle time, impression is visible on screen,which (Diameter) is to be measured with the help of microscope of least count of 0.01 mm
  • Heavy duty Model: OPFA-3000 (SPL) with height x throat of 650 x 350mm, heavy supporting table of size 600 x 600mm with loading capacity of 500kg can also be offered.
  • The machine accuracies conform to IS:2281-2005 & BS:240.