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ASTM & ISO Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

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ASTM & ISO Pendulum Impact Testing Machines
( Models: AIT-300-ASTM & AIT-300-ISO)
Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

  ASTM Pendulum Impact Testing Machine strictly conform to
    ASTM-E-23-2007 specifications.
  ISO Pendulum Impact Testing Machine strictly conform to BSEN-ISO:    148-2-2008 specifications.
  These machines are suitable for Charpy test only on various materials.
  Basically the design of both the machines are same except the striker     radius.We can also supply combined model i.e. ASTM & ISO with an extra     striker (Optional).
  Single stand design for easy & quick testing.
  Rigid design of machine frame and other parts assure minimum energy     absorption during fracture which results in improved test accuracies.
  The high stressed and wearing parts like support blocks and strikers are of     special alloy steels duly heat treated.
  Safety guard for the operator is provided.
  Pendulum drop angle is 1400.
  Unique spring loaded braking system for smooth and jerk free braking.
  Initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules with a least count of 2     Joules for analogue model and 0.5 Joule for digital rnodel.s Digital versions     are also available. Special software for digital version can be given     (Optional).
  NIST & ISO Standard sample sets, Gauges, Tongs, Sub-zero bath,     Templates, V notch milling cutters are available (Optional).

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