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Digital Torsion Testing Machines

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Digital Torsion Testing Machines
( Model : MTT-E-300-NM )
Digital Torsion Testing Machines

  Maximum torque capacity is 3000 Nm
  Torque Resolution is 0.15 Nm
  Angle of twist is 0.1 degree.
  Torsion speed is 0.5 RPM reverse.
  Distance between grips is 0 – 1100 mm.
  Grips for round and square bars are supplied.

Digital Torsion Testing Machines
Model : MTT-E-1000-NM (SPL)
Digital Torsion Testing Machines

  Maximum capacity is 1000 Nm.
  Torque Resolution 0.05 Nm
  Resolution of twist Angle 0.1 Degree
  Special specimen holders for squared ends
  Special specimen holders for flattened ends of Round bars.
  Unique specimen holding arrangement eliminates clumsy tightening of job.
  Very compact machine with new construction.

Digital Torsion Testing Machines
( Models: MTT-E )
Digital Torsion Testing Machines

  Suitable for Torsion and Twist tests on various metal rods & flats.
  Torque measurement by Torque cell & Angle of twist measurement by     Rotary encoder.
  Geared motor is to apply the torque to specimen through gear box.
  Display of Torque & Angle of twist on LCD display provided on Data     Acquisition System.
  Torque resolution - 0.01 % of machine capacity for entire range.
  Angle of twist resolution is 0.1 Degree.
  Accuracy of Torque measurement + 1% in the range from 4% to 100%     of machine capacity.
  Torque speed & direction - 1.5 rpm Reverse.
  Provision to conduct test slowly by a handle which facilitates finding    Modulus of rigidity G.
  Facility for connecting the DAS Panel to Computer.
  Optional - Special comprehensive software for torsion test to give Torque     Vs Angle of Twist graph & also calculate various parameters like Torsional     shear strength, Modulus of Rigidity, etc.
  Various Models - Maximum Torque Capacity from 100 Nm to 3000 Nm     are available.

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