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  The machine has a robust, C-type load frame, designed for production     testing of cast or forged components. This machine is suitable for     foundries, engineering industries on production line.
  Since most of the operations are fast & automatic, the test speed is high     with less operator fatigue.
  The cycle time (except job loading / unloading) is about 12 seconds per     test.
  Machine Test height x Throat is 365 x 200mm.
  Size of support table with fixing slots - 260 x 400mm.
  Load capacity of table - 200kg
  Job loading / unloading, on / off the machine table, pushing cycle start &     de-clamp  buttons, impression measurement are the only manual    operations & rest all are automatic.
  Fully computerized system for indentation measurement & display.
  Window based software system.
  Accurate measurement of Brinell hardness through matched Optics, CCD     camera, Hardware & Software using advanced image processing     technology.
  A push button is pressed for cycle start & hydraulic operations. After cycle    time & on removal of load the optics will transfer the image of indentation    to CCD. The image is further digitalized and processed by PC for    measurement. The diameter of the image can be measured automatically
   /manually to give Brinell hardness value. Results printout can be taken.
  The optical device magnification is 16 X & least count of measurement is    0.01mm.
  Two modes of measurement - Manual & Auto.
  In Auto mode, the image is scanned for measurement & hardness is     displayed automatically.
  Verification facility is provided for clear indication of measured impression     by encircling the same.
  Windowing facility is provided which encircles the blurt images for better     accuracies.
  Macro & Micro adjustment facilities are provided in manual mode for fast     & accurate encircling of the image to be measured.
  Batch testing facility is provided.
  Statistical Analysis report can be generated.
  Calibration mode is provided with password protection.
  Heavy duty Model: OPFA-3000-PC (SPL) with height x throat of 650 x     350mm, heavy supporting table of size 600 x 600mm with loading     capacity of 500kg can also be offered.
  The machine accuracies conform to IS:2281-2005 & BS:240.

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