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Analogue Tensile Testing Machines ( Model: TKG )

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Analogue Tensile Testing Machines
( Model: TKG )
Analogue Tensile Testing Machines

  Variety of tests like Tension, Compression, Cross breaking 1 Bending,     Shear, Linear Bonding 1 Gripping 1 Peeling strength of adhesives & tapes,     etc are conducted.
  Suitable for testing a wide range of materials like rubber, wood, plywood,     plastic, rexins, ceramics, teflon, cardboard, latex, composites, ferrous     metals, non-ferrous metals, etc of various forms like round, flat, thread,     wires, dumbells, fabric, belts, strips, ropes, etc.
  Wide range of Grips, Attachments & Special fixtures are available to suit     variety of material and shapes.
  Continuous roll autographic "Load Vs Elongation" recorder.
  Elongation scale with least count 1 mm.
  Three measuring ranges for accurate testing.
  A number of straining speeds are available for proper selection.
  Machine with AC or DC drive motor is available.
  Various Models - Capacities from 200 N to 50 kN are available.
  Loading accuracy well within +1%, conform to IS:18281 BS:1610.
  Hand operated cutting press with different sizes dies are available for     cutting dumbbell shape specimens of rubber, leather, etc.

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